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Before You Protest Trump’s ‘Muslim’ Ban, What About THIS ‘Non-Muslim’ Ban?||

Liberals all over the world are protesting President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban, demanding that the U.S. “let the Muslims in.” However, before they pick up their signs and demand “tolerance,” we have to ask them why they’re not also protesting this permanent “non-Muslim” ban?

Ask the liberals of the West what they think about Trump’s travel ban, and they’ll tell you it’s “racist,” “discriminatory,” and undeniably “bigoted.” In fact, they’re ready to picket at any major airport in the U.S. and throughout Europe to demand that no one should have the right to turn away a foreigner based on their religion. Of course, when it comes to hypocrisy and plain stupidity, these ignorant leftists just took first prize.

While liberals are bawling their eyes out and smashing up Starbucks cafes over a temporary ban that only includes 7 of more than 50 Muslim-majority nations, Muslims have a discriminatory ban of their own. In fact, this ban is so bigoted that we have to ask leftists why they’re not voicing their outrage and demanding tolerance and acceptance from their favorite special interest group like they are over Trump’s executive order.

Only Muslims are allowed in both Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia. Two cities with more than 1.3 million residents between them absolutely do not allow non-Muslims to step foot within their borders. To enter the city limits, travelers have to pass a religious test to prove they are Muslim. If a non-Muslims tries to enter, they are arrested, fined, and deported, yet not one liberal is protesting this discrimination.Non-Muslims are not allowed into Mecca and Medina. If they are caught crossing the “borders,” they are arrested, fined, and deported. In fact, the entire country of Saudi Arabia has outlawed atheism, alleging that it is a “Muslim Only” country with a permanent non-Muslim ban.
Although Trump only halted travel from 7 Islamic nations, leftists have lost their minds, propagating that it is a “Muslim” ban. However, Muslims from over 40 other Islamic countries are still allowed to enter the U.S. on a daily basis. Of course, the same can’t be said for Mecca and Medina, as non-Muslims are never allowed to set eyes upon these Arabian cities.

Since liberals include the religion of Islam as a racial issue, by their reasoning, this type of discrimination should be equated to racial segregation. It is not unlike the darker days of America before Republicans fought to abolish slavery, secure equal rights, and eradicate the segregating Jim Crow laws. Although the U.S. has come a long way since its days of legislated racism, Muslims are still using “Muslims Only” signs the same way that racists used “Whites Only” signs decades ago.

If you ask liberals to explain why this double standard is acceptable, they will always give some excuse concerning how these cities are sacred in Islam. But, this doesn’t include other religions. Can you imagine the liberal outrage if Jerusalem, perhaps the most sacred city in both Christianity and Judaism thousands of years before Islam, decided to keep their city “sacred” like Muslims by allowing only Christians and Jews? Not to mention the fact that Mecca and Medina were predominantly Jewish before Muhammad and his followers conquered them.

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