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Benghazi Survivor Goes Public, Reveals How Political Cowardice Left Him and Friends to Die

From the moment President Donald Trump’s hand left the Bible, and quite frankly before, Democrats have been working overtime to obstruct every last thing that Trump wants to do.

Benghazi survivor Mark Geist has taken particular issue with what Democrats have been doing and explained his thoughts in a National Rifle Association ad, Breitbart reported.

In the ad, Geist called out Democrats for being too lazy to even pick up a phone and send help when he and his comrades were fighting for heir lives for 13 hours, but Democrats are happy to expend energy to stop Trumpjust because they don’t like him.

“I know the truth about Benghazi,” he said in the ad. “I was there, fighting alongside five Americans who were all raised to believe that if you have a chance to save someone’s life and you don’t try, that’s more criminal than anything else.”

Geist pointed out that Americans all over the country display acts of bravery every day.

“Where was that courage among the politicians that had the power to make the difference during those 13 hours in Benghazi?” he concluded.

Democrats have held rallies, occupied the Senate floor, exploited every loophole in the Senate rules and otherwise expended a tremendous amount of energy and resources to stop Trump’s cabinet nominees from being confirmed.

Yet when they had the chance to save American lives — when they actually could have made a difference — they sat back and did nothing. They let Americans die rather than do something that truly mattered.

Democrats still haven’t learned that their constant refusal to do the right thing is why they have lost elections all across this country.

Republicans have their flaws to be sure, but at the end of the day at least they get results, and at least they are willing to fight for something rather than just fight for the sake of fighting.

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