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Texas Muslim Honor Kills BOTH Daughters, Not Before Saying 2 CREEPY Words ||

Many are still haunted by the murders of Texas sisters Amina and Sarah Said, whose father killed them both on New Year’s Day in 2008. Now, disturbing footage has surfaced which shows the girls’ Egyptian dad saying two incredibly creepy words to them in a home video recorded before their deaths.In the video, Yaser Abdel Said lurks in his daughters’ room. “Nice legs. Mmm very nice,” he says to one of the teens as she lies in bed trying to sleep. “Sarah sleeps with her pants? Mmm, very nice. Wow, look at those eyes. I got my eye on you.” Obviously distraught, the girls scream at their father to leave them alone in the recording, which many have said is evidence that they were abused before their dad killed them in a Texas motel parking lot.Said is accused of shooting Sarah and Amina 11 times before fleeing Irving, Texas. He lured them into a taxi under the guise that he was taking them somewhere to eat and then killed them in a motel parking lot. Sarah called 911 from the cab. Her final words were,” Oh my God, I’m dying.” Then the operator heard a barrage of gunshots.Under Islamic law, a father or mother is permitted to kill their own offspring for any reason they see fit without incurring any legal penalties. This is just one of the many reasons we must not allow Sharia law to permeate the American justice system.The incredibly disheartening story of Amina and Sarah Said should serve as a warning to all Americans. We have allowed radical Islam into our culture, and now, its barbaric trademarks are surfacing stateside. Honor killings are no longer reserved for Muslim-majority countries; they are happening right here in the United States.

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